Institute of Microtraining UK

Institute of Microtraining UK

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The Institute of Microtraining UK has a proven system of effective training. It combines the best of traditional classroom training and mixes it up with mobile app technology.  Less time away from the desk reduced costs and more applied learning points.

Time efficient business training

A typical course combines four elements: Pre-course personalisation, half day workshop, mobile learning app and followed-up learning action plans.  Simply choose any one of your 60+ courses or we can customise any course for you, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional training. This makes it simple and cost-effective to invest in your company’s greatest asset; its employees. The institute creates and delivers concise training courses, working with you to implement bespoke training programmes tailored to your company’s requirements.  Microtraining offers a refreshingly different way for individuals to learn.


Full range of courses – 180 modules, 60 training topics

The blended learning approach, allowing individuals to manage their own learning schedule and to access training online, is delivered in distinct modules lasting only 15-20 minutes each. The informal delivery appeals to individuals across a range of industries and levels of professional experience. The blended learning aspect frees employees to learn with only minimal time away from their daily responsibilities – also appealing to business owners and managers, by minimising the cost of absent employees. The portfolio of standard training modules, which provides solutions to 95% of all training requirements, helps to reduce financial cost to businesses too.


Bespoke Microtraining

“Fast and effective course development using proven tools and learning methods.”


Micro Training UK is a modern, proven and well-established training and development concept which can be tailored to your business’ specific training requirements. Micro Training programmes are designed to be delivered in a concise and cost-effective way, achieving success in employee development and motivation. Whether you need to share an updated business plan; deliver new industry insights; or update colleagues on best practice for dealing with customers, the Institute can create a bespoke Micro Training programme to ensure your training courses leave your team enthusiastically prepared to work towards your business goals.

We can develop any training course for your business and learning objectives. Plus, we can convert your existing training courses (traditional or online) into our unique blended learning methodology. We can ensure that every learning point is carefully covered in the both the short live training workshop and smart-phone app. It will be fully branded and created just for you. The best part is that this can be done for a lot less that you think.

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Microtraining – Enterprise solutions

Microtraining UK can provide large-scale training as a platform for effective training across your whole organisation. You will have unlimited access to all our courses and modules, plus full train-the-trainer training for your L&D professionals and managers together with access to our learning methodology and application development tools.