Institute of Microtraining

The Institute of Microtraining was founded in 2010 in Innsbruck, Austria, by Dieter Duftner. As the first adopters of microtraining in Europe, the Institute’s goal is to establish a set of high standards for effective and continuous education, in both stand-alone and long-term training programmes.

Investing in employees’ continuing professional development in a way which suits their levels of expertise will boost productivity and retention, resulting in an increasingly satisfied workforce. Developed by leading educational theorists, microtraining is now best practice for delivering succinct and effective training for business, based on the social constructivism learning theory, that learning is an active process which must be tailored to each learner, and the connectivism theory, that knowledge is best acquired through collaboration and communication.

Institute of Microtraining programmes offer maximum customisation in order to meet your unique requirements. Whether modifying standard modules for your needs or building bespoke modules to deliver specific content, the Institute’s programmes can be tailored to suit.

Through a commitment to working with you to ensure a clear understanding of your business’ needs, expectations and goals for training, the Institute of Microtraining continues to excel, delivering tangible benefits.

The Institute has a portfolio of standard modules, which provide solutions for 95% of clients’ training requests. Thanks to these existing resources training can be purchased at ‘off the shelf’ prices.

The Institute of Microtraining’s learning experience fosters a completely new culture and philosophy of professional development among businesses and individuals alike.


Flexibility of provision

The Institute of Microtraining offers a range of training delivery options.

The Institute of Microtraining’s commitment to providing blended learning means professional trainers can run training courses on Institute premises, on your company premises, through online delivery, and even through the mobile app, which allows trainees to decide when and where they undertake individual modules.