Better business writing skills

Better business writing skills

Better business writing skills – emails and letters

Main learning goals and target group

This very practical workshop-style training event covers all aspects of preparing, writing, proofing, editing and producing high-quality letters and emails. It is ideal for all staff who communicate using emails and letters, especially administration, customer service and technical staff. Available on an in-house basis. This half-day workshop also includes a Mobile App and learning cards.

  • Write any document in a way that radiates competence and courtesy every time.
  • Use more effective openings and endings – starting off right and ending correctly.
  • Getting the balance right between formal and informal.
  • Email etiquette – the do’s and don’ts of email sending and management at work.
  • How to use the right style and tone when delivering bad news, apologising or resetting expectations.
  • Editing techniques and skills practice to get your documents right first time.

Core contents

  • Content, objectives, planning, type and structure
    • Good composing skills for emails, letter writing and good business written English
  • Editing skills and proofreading techniques
    • Participants work on their own real-life documents; objectively editing and proofreading working in pairs.
  • Email etiquette and email best practice
    • Including the ten do’s and don’ts of email sending, legal, organisational and security issues, plus rules and standards for better emails.

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Specialised versions

  1. Business writing skills for property professionals
  2. Complaint handling in writing
  3. Minute taking

Follow on courses

  1. Writing winning sales proposals
  2. Effective report writing
  3. Writing effective blogs and web content
  4. Writing effective sales emails