Additional sales

Additional sales

Superior learning goals and target group

This Microtraining relates to all sales employees who contribute to customer satisfaction and sales by using needs assessments and being customer-oriented. This training’s target is to convey the relevant empathy and appreciation towards customers and the resulting possibility of active cross- and up-selling.

Core contents

Needs assessment regarding to customers

  • Active listening and using the right types of questions, create confidence and find the best solution for the customer, generate more sales and a higher customer satisfaction

Earning trust by correct questioning

  • Preparing for the first impression

Valuable perception and maintaining relationships

  • Adapt the personal attitude towards the customer for a long-term agreement with the company

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information:




Voor verkoopmedewerk(st)ers die dagelijks “oog in oog” staat met klanten en zich verder willen bekwamen in het effctief en succesvol verkopen