Communication – nuts and bolts in your company

Communication – nuts and bolts in your company

Superior learning goals and target group

The participants deepen their knowledge in the area of successful communication by using modern information media. This training is suitable for participants that have fundamental communication skills and techniques.

Core contents

Four steps to appreciated communication

  • Resolution of the traditional patterns of defence, withdrawal and attack, support of appreciation, interest and empathy

Proactive avoidance of communicative problems

  • Fair and target-oriented communication techniques; analysis of typical work related communication cultures; basic principles for a complaint talk

The questioning technique – who asks wins

  • Control a talk; determine the emotional state of the communication partner; which kind of question is used at which time

Alternative Core contents

Professional handling of new media

  • File attachment; signature, talk and communication killer

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information: