Counselling-oriented sales

Counselling-oriented sales

Superior learning goals and target group

This training’s goal is to convey basic elements of demand-oriented sales, present promising procedures and to practice characteristic questions for SPIN®-Selling. The participants get an introduction in the end of the classroom training, how they can apply the new knowledge step by step. This training is not only for salesmen in field service but also for all employees with direct customer contact, service technicians and similar occupations with focus on recognising needs and find solutions for customer problems.

Core contents

Situation and need analysis

  • Demand-oriented approach of the SPIN®-Selling concept; effective use of situation and problem questions

Satisfaction of needs and creation of benefit

  • Sensitisation for implicit expressions of customer’s needs; use of implication questions

Commitments, objection, completion and tips for realisation

  • Handling commitments correctly; value-objections and solution-objections

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information: