Dealing with difficult customers

Dealing with difficult customers

Superior learning goals and target group

Communicating with difficult customers means you should not take the customer’s behaviour personally. You should be respect his/ her manner and take his/ her concerns seriously. This microtraining shows the possibilities how to handle difficult customers.

Core contents

Separation of person and behaviour

  • The customer is not difficult as a person but I must adapt my communication to his/ her inconvenient behaviour; which kind of situations were difficult to handle for the participants?

Listen to the customer and respect him/ her

  • It is important for customers to be heard and listened; techniques to show the customer that I understand and value him/her and his/her concerns

Finding a common solution with the customer

  • The solution to the can only take place with the customer; possibilities to involve the customer continuously in solution processes

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information: