Objection handling, buying signals and closing techniques

Objection handling, buying signals and closing techniques

Superior learning goals and target group

The goal of this training is to improve methods of objection handling and closing techniques by using theoretical basic knowledge, concrete examples and the preparation of individual expression. The new contents can be directly put into practice by the participant. The individual compilation of training contents are exactly compatible to the personal needs of the participants. Maximum success can be guaranteed for improved, qualified customer conversations.

Core contents

Objection handling

  • Six factors for success in sales; four methods for objection handling; example sentences for practical applications

Identification and reaction of/ to buying signals

  • Objections as covered buying signals: opinion polls and test completion

Use of different closing techniques

  • Learning of different question techniques for sales closure

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information:




Voor verkopers/accountmanagers die structureel succesvoller willen verkopen met enkele jaren ervaring.