My pathway to leadership

My pathway to leadership

Superior learning goals and target group

New leaders often have problems with their new leading role. They have to lead their own team or unit in a way that the goal is reached in a certain time and the employees are happy. The leader has to assert himself/herself towards his/her colleagues or leader of other units and he/she must represent his/her own interests. The leader is a contact person for the top-management, must put the strategies and goals into practice and is responsible for the results. In this sandwich-position, the leader is under high pressure. But the good message is: leading can be learned. There is no “perfect leading personality”. The learning of leading is revealed in the core contents of this Microtraining.

Core contents

What is leadership?

  • The differences between a manager and a leader; central leading tasks

Development of the own leading style

  • Being a leader, staying human, the meaning of values

The art of delegation

  • Non-delegation of leading tasks; concentrate on the essentials; the art of delegating

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