Successful selling I

Successful selling I

Superior learning goals and target group

Participants achieve fundamental skills in conducting a successful selling conversation. The practice-oriented contents and exercises specifically help sellers and consultants with a daily contact to customers, and conducting sales talks. Advanced sellers and consultants can also refresh their skills.

Core contents

Preparing and opening discussions

  • Studying customer data and creating specific questions


  • Shape the stages of consulting: contact, analysis, presentation, argumentation, sales closure, behaviour after sales closure

Analysis of needs with easy types of questions

  • Leading the customer to the identification of his/ her own needs using open and closed questions, informative and alternative questions

Alternative core contents

Use of further question types

  • Which question type is suitable for what: leading question, yes question, rhetorical question, counter question, question of motivation, provocative question, question of control, etc.
  • List of the product’s advantages vs argumentation for the customer’s use

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information: