Superior learning goals and target group

This Microtraining contains valuable tips for entering in telesales (young professionals) and it enables experienced participants to get higher scope for action during a conversation. The Microtraining conveys fundamental skills in telephone consulting and sales for all employees.

Core contents

Enter and exit a conversation

  • Beginning and ending of a conversation as a critical factor for success (what people remember best)

Needs analysis and review

  • Pick up purchasing decisions from an emotional level by using suitable questions

Submission of the offer

  • Orientate the offers towards the customer’s needs, align with information from the analysis of needs

Alternative core contents

Have the right attitude on the phone

  • Creating awareness for continuous customer dialogue

Targeted and systematic telephoning

  • Definition of target groups, definition and achievement of targets, break down barriers

Avaliable as a in-house training course. Please contact us for more information: