Mobile +. Your didactic operating system.

With the Microtraining®-app, your employees can repeat training content from their external and internal training sessions on their smartphones and apply them directly at the workplace. Our customers also refer to Microtraining® as their “didactic operating system”.

Functionalities. General.

• Multilingual for international trainings.

Microtraining® supports several languages, currently English, German, Dutch and Romanian. Other languages can be added upon request.

• Can be used on any browser-capable terminal.

Microtraining® is available as a native app for iOS and Android devices. Once a course is started, it is also available offline. You can also learn in the browser (PC, Mac, WindowsPhone, etc.).

• White-Label version in your design.

We adapt Microtraining® to your corporate identity. The functions are retained, the look and feel is integrated into your existing corporate design.

• Connection to your systems.

Microtraining® can be connected to many systems, be it SAP, LMS, CRM or other systems. This avoids double work.



In the role of the administrator you have all conceivable rights within Microtraining®. You can specify names of roles, duration of availability of direct chat, evaluation, and Micropaper. You manage the entire training, participants, appointments and have access to all statistics via your dashboard.

HR supervisor

As an HR supervisor, you have access to all statistics and can also view general chats. In order to keep in touch with your employees and the trainer, you can conveniently send (push) notifications to the individual training groups.


Statistics provide insight into the learning sessions per user. The individual learning progress, the learning time and the respective learning time can be evaluated easily for you at the employee or group level.

Knowledge Management 4.0.


Learning with the tool is easy. Short tutorials are available for the start and allow a quick start. Should final examination takes place through the app, this can be automatically rewarded with a certificate. All learners have the opportunity to give feedback on individual learning cards at any time.

Learning cards

The learning cards are underlined by media. Various types of cards are available, which provide up to six response possibilities. An explanation text and, if necessary, integrated pictures or videos increase the participants motivation to learn.

Get even more out of your technology

The best way to a learning culture is through the involvement of external experts. This reduces complexity and helps to achieve faster valid results. With “Mobile +” you acquire not only a technology but a knowledge partner. You will learn the technical handling in the front and back end of Mobile + as well as the successful implementation of the system into your everyday business. All important information is permanently available with our tutorial videos. Within the first 4 weeks, we offer you a 2-hour workshop on quality assurance and project management with your IOM consultant.

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