Maximum flexibility.

The Micro-Method is the perfect answer to digital change, which made the development of our method possible. When the first mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets emerged in 2007, the way people and businesses communicate has changed.

This is why the way we learn can not be closed from the digital revolution.

3 1/2 hours

The Microtraining® does not take place in a hotel, but directly at your location. Instead of pure content distribution, the transfer of knowledge is supported by practice-oriented practice phases. A Microtraining® consists of three components which can be separated, each of which requires an hour. The Microtraining® can be easily integrated into the workplace of your employees and your employees can immediately return to their workplace.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

The mobile learning phase offers an extension of the formal learning location and an additional possibility of learning independently of time and place. The contents of the Microtraining® are deepened by means of short learning steps. In practice these contents are interrelated and are repeated as required. The temporal and spatial flexibility of mobile learning enables a self-directed and individualized learning experience, which serves the sustainable knowledge protection.

Designed for sustainability

The effectiveness of the Micro-Method results not only from the embedding of digital learning media, but above all from the didactic subtleties of every Microtraining®. The sequence of presence and mobile learning phases combines the advantages of both forms of learning to enable high quality and efficiency of formal and self-controlled learning processes.

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