Competence management can be quite simple.

If kilometers of algorithms burrow through unbelievable mountains of data and increasingly new information emerges. If the enormous technological change creates new markets almost overnight.  If in-house game rules are circulated like an avalanche.

Then we must all learn. Always faster and more often.

Your didactic operating system.

With the Microtraining®-app, your employees can repeat training content from their external and internal training sessions on their smartphones and apply them directly at the workplace. Our customers also refer to Microtraining® as their “didactic operating system”.

Increase learning transfer

Offer your employees the opportunity for continuous learning, which goes beyond seminars and attendance training. In this way you support the learning transfer into long-term memory and provide a basis for behavioral changes.

Reduce effort

Make your training materials available to all your employees from any future training course. The contents are easy to retrieve and can be updated quickly. At the same time, the content can be used for further training at the push of a button.

Results that matter

Observe the progress of the learning process and set learning impulses where they are needed. In this way, you are specifically fostering the learning success of each individual employee. Knowledge is no longer lost and can be scaled and multiplied for all employees.

Your personal learning cockpit


• Intelligent knowledge storage.

Microtraining® is an internal knowledge database that integrates perfectly into your workflow. Store your business knowledge in a central location and retrieve it situationally.

• Follow-up of your training measures.

Complement your training measures and help your employees to apply knowledge mobile and directly – whether at work or on the road.

• Progress report.

Establish learning success controls in your company. Whether anonymised or not: Come up internally with relevant key figures. In addition, it is possible to perform learning progress checks in the form of tests.

• Evaluation.

Microtraining® can evaluate learning measures and adapt optimally to the knowledge level of learners.

Transfer of knowledge for participants

Intelligent learning

We rely on the established Leitner-algorithm, in order to anchor knowledge easily in long-term memory.

Learning reminders

In order to achieve the learning objectives continuously, learners are reminded of the implementation. Reminders can be easily set by the learner, but also by HR or by the trainer.

Learn media

Micropaper, Microcast and additional materials (flipchart, protocols, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) serve every type of learning.

Learning progress through interaction

Decay times can also be reduced by participating in learning duels. This intensifies learning and creates a healthy challenge level.

Get even more out of your technology

The best way to a learning culture is through the involvement of external experts. This reduces complexity and helps to achieve faster valid results. With “Mobile +” you not only acquire a technology but a knowledge partner. You will learn the technical handling in the front and backend of Mobile + as well as the successful implementation of the system into your everyday business. All important information is permanently available with our tutorial videos. Within the first 4 weeks, we offer you a 2-hour workshop on quality assurance and project management with your IOM consultant.

Internal training power

We certify your internal trainers and experts in train-the-trainer measures for the Microtrainer or knowledge architects, train them on the didactics of the Micro-Method® and support them in the content creation. That way, you will expand and anchor your own, digital knowledge base in the company.

Digital learning manufactory

The use of Mobile+ is of course particularly exciting for you, especially if your own content is learned playfully, eg. product or assortment knowledge. For this reason, we have launched our digital learning manufactory. Not only do we expand our content library every day, we also provide you with new content packages from the Institute of Microtraining®. We also “translate” your company-specific content into the digital learning world.

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