Microtraining for healthcare, public sector, charities and NGOs

Austerity measures and an increasingly competitive market place have compounded the pressure on public sector organisations, charities and NGOs to deliver against their objectives.

Keeping employees motivated with increasingly heavy workloads and tighter budgets is difficult.  For NGOs and charities the recruitment and retention of volunteers is particularly challenging, yet the success of their work is wholly dependent upon the on-going support of their unpaid workforce.

Microtraining as a flexible, modular approach, delivered through our award winning mobile learning platform, provides a cost-effective training and motivation tool.

Your benefits

  • Innovative and motivating training approach
  • Highly flexible, modular delivery to suit voluntary workers’ schedules
  • Convenient mobile learning on smartphones and tablets
  • Measurable learning outcomes
  • Tailored learning content to your specification, delivering essential learning around standards and processes
  • Cost-effective – starting at £100 per employee

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