Compatible with trainers

With your need for good trainers, you are not alone: trainers play an important role for us as well. The inclusion of digital media in blended learning environments can by no means replace trainers and experts as well as the communication with learners in the learning process.

In our classic Blended Learning environment “Training+”, our Microtrainer in the compact Microtraining® provides your employees with relevant content in interactive practice phases. In this way, your employees are prepared for the implementation of what they have learned in practice.

“In the beginning I wasn’t sure whether these short learning units were fun and if I was able to deliver my content. Today, I am fully convinced of Microtraining®. The participants get engaged very fast – they even seem to enjoy the learning process.”

Nicola Bansberg

The Microtrainer network

If innovation becomes a survival issue in global competition, technology is quickly becoming the only true solution. But the profound adaptations in the competency profile of your employees will not succeed without trainers and experts. Learning technology can not replace personal communication and interaction with learners. It must support and complement it.

  • We have been expanding our our Microtrainer network since 2010. Each Microtrainer passes through our internal certification using the didactics of the Micro-Method.
  • Our constantly growing coaching pool includes hundreds of coaches with a wide range of content and industry specific skills, additional training and qualifications and is always at your disposal.

Your employees will especially appreciate when technology, trainers and content complement each other modularly.

“Innovative learning concepts are increasingly important for professional development. In this context, the Institute of Microtraining® convinced us with their innovative blended learning-approach, including the access to a mobile learning platform.”


Dr. Bernd Schulze
Senior Manager Strategic Projects
XING Events GmbH

What makes our Microtrainers stand out?

They are certified using the Micro-Method

We certify our trainers and experts and train them on the didactics of the Micro-Method. They learn all relevant skills and knowledge, starting with the didactics of micro-learning up to the conceptualization of their own training modules.

They are digital experts

An important part of the trainer certification is the technical basic training of the mobile Microtraining®-app, including digital content authoring, the creation of learning cards and the operation of the mobile learning cockpit. Our trainers are digital learning experts, so that learning contents in presence and mobile learning phase come from a pen.

They are characterized by their diversity

We work with independent trainers with many years of practical experience, which are experts from a wide range of industries. This ensures that every company can use the Micro-Method for sustainable company training.