Microtraining® – this is how you learn today.

Continuing education and training will only get the right start if the opportunity for flexible learning is given and supported by the work structures. Only in this way will employees be motivated to learn and only that creates the right conditions for applying the newly acquired skills.

If you promote individual learning processes you can achieve lasting learning effects, thereby improving effectiveness and performance.

Today we have access to seemingly unlimited information. Your employees are no different. They are bombarded with information. The right content is becoming increasingly important. But what is the “right” content?

Work with content effortlessly

You know exactly what you need to learn. To ensure that you do not have to deal with the painstaking workings, we have worked with our scientific advisory board and our trainer network to create a practice-oriented content library, which can be used to design hundreds of individual Microtrainings. You get proven knowledge served. This is the fastest way from A to B.

Digital learning manufactory

As much as we sometimes wish, we have reached the goal of our efforts, we need to adapt to new conditions. And the half-life of knowledge is rather shorter than longer. For this reason, we expand our content library with relevant and up-to-date content in our digital learning manufactory. This gives you more of what you need right now. And less of what we already do not need tomorrow.

This is where you come into play

Our diversity of topics knows no limits, because you get access to our experts. Define topics you want to implement with our Microtrainer. We translate your specific learning content into the digital learning environment and give you the opportunity to actively shape the future of your employees. At this point, we need your sense of the right content of tomorrow. An essential part of the Institute of Microtraining® are you.


The heart of modern learning processes is the Micro-Method developed for our customers by IOM. In simple terms, the Micro-Method describes the type of in-house training, which on one hand is a long-term effect from a didactic point of view and on the other hand, requires as little time and financial resources as possible. The participants will be taught all relevant content in compact presence training sessions, which can be used immediately in practice. Through interactive practice phases, the participants are primarily prepared for the implementation of what they have learned in practice. The mobile learning phase allows the participants to consolidate and deepen the contents of the Microtrainings by means of short learning steps. A self-controlled and individualized learning experience that eliminates the “forgetting curve”. All learning types are operated in Microtraining®. This is especially important for learning materials. No thick folders, no “loose-leaf collection” … but timely prepared learning media, which comes to the point and really makes sense within the method.

Microtraining® – Effective in face-to-face training, relevant in practice.

Let’s be honest: no one likes to sit in an eight-hour training session. Nobody can remember all the information that is conveyed in such a long period of time. That is why we have developed a concept for our Microtraining®, which can be easily integrated into the work day of your employees. If your employees have been out of work for one or more days, they can return to the workplace immediately after the Microtraining®.

Comfortable in-house

Microtraining® do not take place in a hotel, but directly in your company. Instead of pure content distribution, the transfer of knowledge is supported by practice-oriented practice phases. A Microtraining® consists of three components which can be separated, each of which requires an hour.

Practically good

In order to ensure the subsequent practice transfer, we closely interlink the presence phase with the trainer and the mobile learning phase. This gives your employees an optimal start into the self-controlled learning process and can secure the new knowledge in long-term memory.

Mobile Learning. From training to practice transfer.

We consider training not event-oriented, but as a process. Mobile learning therefore has so much potential, because it fosters to the change in the needs of employees.

Everywhere. Anytime.

Via smartphone, tablet or laptop, a location-independent and time-independent learning is ensured, while your employees acquire the competencies relevant for the profession. Through their continuous activity in the mobile learning phase, participants in a Microtraining® achieve a significantly higher level of knowledge transfer. Directly at work or on the road.

New ways to learn for employees

Self-responsible learning works particularly well when learning documents are attractive and are gladly used. Our learning application includes learning cards based on the Leitner algorithm. This requires input and interaction of the learner. Shortcuts and scripts (“Microcast” and “Micropaper”) support the different types of learning in this phase and enable modern, innovative learning. Additional materials (flipchart, protocols, powerpoint presentations, etc.) can be used by your employees.

Social learning

Everyone is talking about gamification. Social learning can have a playful character for us, but it does not have to. Often it is enough for your employees to be involved in social groups under the supervision of the microtrainer, for example, to discuss questions and receive learning impulses. In any case, social learning promotes effective decay times between learning phases. Instead of short-term results, you can achieve sustainable competency acquisition.

Compatible with trainers

With your need for well-trained trainers, you are not alone: Trainers play an important role for us as well. The inclusion of digital media in blended learning environments can by no means replace trainers and experts as well as the communication with learners in the learning process.

Internal Trainer Academy

Our steadily growing trainer pool runs through our internal trainer academy with a certification as microtrainer or knowledge architect. Here, we train our trainers in the didactics of our Micro-Method® and qualify them for the implementation of Microtraining®. An important part of the trainer certification is the technical basic training of the mobile Microtraining® app, including digital content authoring, the creation of learning cards and the operation of the mobile learning cockpit.

Always by your side

The cooperation with our Microtrainer goes beyond Microtraining®. The Microtrainer also supports your employees in self-paced learning activities in the mobile learning phase. With online communication, feedback, and commentary, they can ensure ongoing learning support for your employees.

Results that matter

The Microtraining® is over. And now? Internal and external evaluations are mandatory for our trainer. Your feedback and that of your employees is the most important pillar of the Micro-Method®. For this reason, the Microtrainer will perform a real-time evaluation after each Microtraining®, which you can see immediately after training in the Microtraining®-app.

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